Beyond Buzzwords

How to Become Data Driven in a Changing Oil & Gas Landscape
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You’ve probably encountered anecdotes on how machine learning, artificial intelligence and apparently block-chain are somehow going to fundamentally change the Oil and Gas extraction and delivery process. So what does that really mean? How is this going to affect you as a petroleum engineer or geoscientist, and what can you do to prepare? In this webinar, leading experts practicing petroleum-applied data science will share their insights on the changing energy technology landscape and how you can get started on reinventing yourself as a data-driven petrotechnical.

Moderator: Brian Emmerson, Petronas Canada

Introduction – Bemal Mehta, JWN Energy

The Future of Petrotechnical Work in the 21st Century – Shahab D. Mohaghegh, West Virginia University

There’s No Magic, Only Engineering – Derrick Turk, Terminus Data Science

Composing a Data Culture – David Fulford, Gryphon Oil and Gas

So What? – Tyler Schlosser, McDaniel and Associates