GLJ's Carbon Capture and Sequestration Value Chain

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In this educational webinar, GLJ’s Jodi Anhorn and Devin Lacey provide a comprehensive overview of the full Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) value chain by incorporating some of their own experiences and lessons learned through their ongoing work supporting CCS project developments. By walking through the CCS process, the latest global CCS trends, the subsurface storage site selection process, and relevant policy and regulatory drivers, they effectively set the stage for a unique economic evaluation of three different types of CCS project developments. The three conceptual cases included in the economic analysis are:
1. Open Access CCS Hub (CO2 pipeline and injection hub as a utility style service)
2. CCS for an existing natural gas fired power generation unit (applying modular post-combustion capture technology)
3. CCS incorporated with hydrogen production for a greenfield blue hydrogen production facility
The session ends with a concluding overview on CO2 storage monitoring, including insights into their work with dynamic CO2 plume modelling and developing Monitoring, Measurement and Verification (MMV) Plans.