RTA/PTA in a Shut-In Environment - Session One

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In a two-part panel discussion, industry experts will unpack the silver-lining opportunities created by the race to shut-in production. Widespread build-up data can be acquired at low cost and leveraged to improve future operational and development decisions. Simple Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis techniques offer a practical way to improve our understanding of wells and unconventional reservoirs.

Webinar 1, Friday, May 8th, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CST
• Introduction - Rebekah Shipman, RDS
• Value propositions from testing - Dwayne Purvis, Consultant
• Candidate selection for shut-in - Trevor Ingle, DVN and Nathan McMahan, COP
• Review of fundamentals - David Anderson, SAGA
• Flow-and-Build-Up tests - Dylan Lougheed, SAGA

David Jones was unable to present live so his presentation was recorded and uploaded to the SAGA Wisdom Youtube channel.

See his presentation called Candidate Selection for Shut-in – An Operators Perspective here.