Flowback Analysis (FBA) Course

Fracture Property Evaluation from Flowback and Early-Time Production Data

Chris Clarkson

Flowback Analysis – Prepared and presented by SPE Distinguished Lecturer C. R. Clarkson and subject matter expert J.D. Williams-Kovacs, University of CalgaryRead more...

Flowback analysis is rate transient analysis flowback data or that early time production data that is gathered immediately after a well is hydraulically fractured. With flowback analysis various outputs can be derived; the primary ones being those related to hydraulic fracture characterization. In this course, students will learn how to determine whether or not flowback data is sufficient for a model based analysis, identify flow regimes and extract reservoir and hydraulic fracture properties, including hydrocarbon-in-place assessment.

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Course contents

    Chapter 1 - FBA: Introduction

    1.01 Course Introduction (12 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 FBA Introduction (24 min.)

    1.03 Workflows for RTA of Flowback and Early-Time Production Data (18 min.)

    1.04 Overview of Identifying Flow Regimes (16 min.)

    1.05 Flow Regime Signatures (18 min.)

    1.06 Flow Regime Signatures - Shale Gas (9 min.)

    1.07 Flow Regime Signatures for Online Production (11 min.)

    1.08 Workflow to Improve Flow Regime Identification (15 min.)

    Chapter 2 - FBA: Straight Line Analysis (SLA)

    2.01 Straight Line Analysis Introduction (SLA) (39 min.)

    2.02 Tight Oil & After Breakthrough Analysis (15 min.)

    2.03 Tight Shale Analysis (21 min.)

    2.04 Early-Time Online Production RTA (17 min.)

    2.05 Early-Time Online Production RTA (2-Phase) (20 min.)

    2.06 Early-Time Online Production RTA (Dynamic Drainage) (18 min.)

    2.07 Multiphase Flow (26 min.)

    Chapter 3 - FBA: Type-Curve Analysis (TCA)

    3.01 Performing Type-Curve Analysis (8 min.)

    3.02 Fetkovitch Type Curve Model Overview (8 min.)

    3.03 Wattenbarger Type Curve Model Overview (13 min.)

    3.04 Model History Match Overview (8 min.)

    3.05 First General Models (10 min.)

    3.06 Performing Model History Matching (19 min.)

    Chapter 4 - FBA: Examples and Case Studies

    4.01 Comparing the Flowback and Online Results (19 min.)

    4.02 Additional Workflow Examples (19 min.)

    4.03 Workflow for Flowback and Early Online Production (34 min.)

    4.04 Case Studies Overview (19 min.)

    4.05 Case Study #1: Integrated Frac-Through-Flowback from Montney (1:06 hours)

    4.06 Case Study #2: FBA of Multi-Well Communication (27 min.)

    4.07 Case Study #3: Semi-Analytical Analysis of Multi-Phase TLF (25 min.)