On-the-job Training for the Oil and Gas Industry

Saga is a teaching and content company for subsurface petroleum sciences. Our mission is to provide a premium on-demand training experience for oil and gas technical professionals, using only best-in-class instructors and content, delivered using industry-leading information technology, for the purpose of increasing real enterprise value for our subscribers.


We believe that on-the-job training is a continuous process where students should be able to access critical content on-demand with experts guiding you to achieve the best possible learning experience.

  • David Anderson, P.Eng.

    Dave was one of the original developers of the RTA software at Fekete, where he served as VP and managing partner. He has over 20 years of reservoir engineering experience and is a recognized expert in the area of well performance analysis, highlighted by his designation as a SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2014.

  • John Thompson, M.Sc. P.Eng.

    John is a subject matter expert in RTA with a specialization in hydraulically fractured reservoirs. Over the past 10 years, he's analyzed thousands of wells across every major shale play in the U.S., Canada and Argentina. John emphasizes the practical considerations of production data interpretation in his teachings.

  • Dylan Lougheed, MBA P.Eng

    Dylan is a professional engineer with 11 years combined experience in high tech and oil and gas industries. Dylan is active in the SPE, authoring papers in unconventional pressure transient analysis and serving as a session chair for their unconventional resource conferences.


Offering for Founding Customers

Founding members get exclusive early access in Q1 2019 to the Saga Wisdom online learning platform.

We will be collaborating with our Steering Committee members on the future roadmap of planned features for the Saga platform

  • Online Platform

  • Community Workshops

    • 3-day RTA conference open to all Saga members:
      • - Hands-on classroom training
      • - Play-specific sessions
      • - Panel discussions covering the latest advancements
      • - Interactive industry leading panels
      • - Networking & social activities
    • - Private and public workshops hosted throughout the year
  • Company Support

    • Unlimited online and phone support of course material by subject matter experts
    • 10 hours of production data interpretation training using your own proprietary data
    • Semi-annual private webinars for individual operators
    • Opportunities for tailored consulting and company-specific training

Please contact info@sagawisdom.com for early access pricing.


Participate in our Conferences, Webinars, Events & Forums

An important element of the Saga Wisdom movement is the creation of a culture and tribe of similar like-minded individuals - those that seek a better class of education and community.


Industry Leading Expertise at Your Fingertips

  • Accelerate Your Career

    • Learn from industry experts
    • Become a specialist in a field that's in demand
    • Gain fast and convenient access to valuable technical content
  • Improve Team Skills

    • No more waiting for instructors - expertise delivered when it's needed
    • Join an exclusive and focused group of technical leaders with common goals
    • Ensure your team is kept up to date with the latest technical developments in your play
  • Elevate Your Company

    • Obtain better value for your training budget
    • Create a high performing technical team
    • Make technically sound field development decisions to maximize return on investment

Steering Committee

Helping us Shape the Future of
On-demand Training in the Petroleum Industry

Our steering committee of industry leaders is creating a superior knowledge transfer experience in preparation for the next generation of unconventional reservoir development.

Craig Cipolla

Sr. Completions Engineering Advisor (Hess Corporation)

Tyler Conner

Reservoir Engineer (Devon Energy)

Nicole Frechette

Subsurface Canada BU (Repsol CA)

Kyle Haustveit

Senior Staff Completions Engineer (Devon Energy)

Lucas Martin

Director, Integrated Performance (Marathon Oil Corporation)

Nathan McMahan

Williston Reservoir Performance Supervisor (Conoco Philips)

Patrick Miller

Reservoir Engineering Advisor (Repsol CA)

Audrey Rasmussen

Engineering Manager, Unconventional Centre of Excellence (PETRONAS Canada)

Orkhan Samandarli

Reservoir Engineering Supervisor (Pioneer Natural Resources)

  • "The team at Saga is top tier and really understands the needs of our industry. I support them and their mission to transform petroleum subsurface education."

    Chris Clarkson

    Prof., Dept. of Geoscience / Chemical & Petroleum Eng., Univ. of Calgary

    Dir. of Tight Oil Consortium (TOC) & Unconventional Reservoirs of Western Canada (URAWC)


The co-founders of Saga once all worked together at Fekete Associates where the mantras of 'never stop learning' and 'share your knowledge' were practiced on a daily basis. Although our careers took us in different directions, we all continued to follow these values.

We recognize how rewarding it can be to deliver knowledge to those that need and appreciate it and we are so excited to be building a platform and a community to fulfill this objective at a scale none of us had previously imagined.

Darcy Fairbrother

CTO/Director of Sales

John Thompson

BD Director for Reservoir Strategies

About Saga

In Norse mythology, Saga is the Goddess of Wisdom and drinking companion of Odin

Saga is Asgard's librarian and the goddess of history, storytelling and wisdom in Norse mythology. She was also Odin’s favorite drinking companion. As founders of Saga Wisdom, those who know us can easily recognize why this icon perfectly symbolizes our desired station in industry.