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SAGA creates value for our Energy partner organizations by connecting people to the expertise they need when they need it and provides solutions to the problems associated with traditional training.

SAGA’s Subscription Service delivers innovative on-the-job training solutions for petrotechnicals, using best-in-class instructors, relevant content and industry leading custom-built software.

SAGA’s Consulting Service provides targeted, cost-effective solutions to our customers’ specific multi-disciplinary business problems.

SAGA’s News Service reports and disseminates relevant technical advancements from important industry conferences, symposia and published technical literature using conference reviews, webinars and interviews with technical experts.

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Steering Committee

Helping us Shape the Future of
On-demand Training in the Petroleum Industry

Our steering committee of industry leaders is creating a superior knowledge transfer experience in preparation for the next generation of unconventional reservoir development.

Chris Cardiff

Chief Geoscientist (Whitecap Resources Inc.)

Craig Cipolla

Sr. Completions Engineering Advisor (Hess Corporation)

Tyler Conner

Reservoir Engineering Advisor (OXY)

Nicole Frechette

Vice President, Light Oil Business Unit (Baytex Energy Corp.)

Kyle Haustveit

Manager of Devon Energy Ventures (Devon Energy)

Trevor Ingle

Reservoir Engineering Manager (Devon Energy)

Ramkumar Jayakumar

Reservoir Engineer (Devon Energy)

Lucas Martin

Director, Integrated Performance (Marathon Oil Corporation)

Nathan McMahan

Delaware Reservoir Characterization Supervisor (ConocoPhillips)

Patrick Miller

Manager of Reservoir Engineering (PETRONAS Canada)

Audrey Rasmussen

Director of Development (PETRONAS Canada)

Orkhan Samandarli

Reservoir Engineering Supervisor (Pioneer Natural Resources)

  • "The team at Saga is top tier and really understands the needs of our industry. I support them and their mission to transform petroleum subsurface education."

    Chris Clarkson

    Prof., Dept. of Geoscience / Chemical & Petroleum Eng., Univ. of Calgary

    Dir. of Tight Oil Consortium (TOC) & Unconventional Reservoirs of Western Canada (URAWC)


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An important element of the Saga Wisdom movement is the creation of a culture and tribe of similar like-minded individuals - those that seek a better class of education and community.


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  • Accelerate Your Career

    • Learn from industry experts
    • Become a specialist in a field that's in demand
    • Gain fast and convenient access to valuable technical content
  • Improve Team Skills

    • No more waiting for instructors - expertise delivered when it's needed
    • Join an exclusive and focused group of technical leaders with common goals
    • Ensure your team is kept up to date with the latest technical developments in your play
  • Elevate Your Company

    • Obtain better value for your training budget
    • Create a high performing technical team
    • Make technically sound field development decisions to maximize return on investment


The co-founders of Saga once all worked together at Fekete Associates where the mantras of 'never stop learning' and 'share your knowledge' were practiced on a daily basis. Although our careers took us in different directions, we all continued to follow these values.

We recognize how rewarding it can be to deliver knowledge to those that need and appreciate it and we are so excited to be building a platform and a community to fulfill this objective at a scale none of us had previously imagined.

About SAGA

In Norse mythology, Saga is Asgard’s librarian and the Goddess of history, storytelling and wisdom.

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