PowerBI For Oil & Gas by Zack Warren Course

Velocity Insight

Zack Warren

Power BI has taken off as a compelling Business Intelligence solution, now in heavy use across E&P companies. This PowerBI for oil and gas course uses real O&G datasets like daily production data, accounting transactions, and land/lease records to teach how to build useful reports and analytics tools for E&P use cases. This class is designed to help current Excel or Spotfire users be independent Power BI users, as well as refine knowledge in specific areas for current intermediate Power BI users.Read more...

Course contents

    Chapter 1 - Power BI Launch and a Start Database

    1.01 What we’re here for… (10 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 Installation and First Visualization (12 min.)

    1.03 Five Minutes to Wow on an ARIES database (14 min.)

    1.04 Customizing a Single Graph (8 min.)

    1.05 Multi-Visualization Reports (17 min.)

    1.06 Basic DAX and Modifying Data Connections, and The Service (14 min.)

    Chapter 2 - Visualizations That Even a Landman Could Love

    2.01 Deep Dive on the Front End (17 min.)

    2.02 Lease Data and Moving Farther Upstream (10 min.)

    2.03 Table Table (13 min.)

    2.04 Matrix Tricks (8 min.)

    2.05 Slicer City (13 min.)

    2.06 Intro to DAX (19 min.)

    Chapter 3 - Time Series Data for Fun and Profit

    3.01 Data Janitorial Work in Power Query (23 min.)

    3.02 Scattergories (21 min.)

    3.03 Line Dancing (14 min.)

    3.04 DAX for Production Calcs (18 min.)

    3.05 DAX for Cumulatives and Finishing our Dashboard (26 min.)

    Chapter 4 - Making Tables Your CEO Will Actually Read

    4.01 Importing Data and the Date Hierarchy (19 min.)

    4.02 OPEX Dashboard and Data Model Schemas (20 min.)

    4.03 Vendor Coding and Drill Through Tables (19 min.)

    4.04 Basic LOS and BYO Date Tables (28 min.)

    Chapter 5 - Power BI Infrastructure and Architecture

    5.01 The 31 Flavors of Power BI (16 min.)

    5.02 The Power Platform Multiverse (12 min.)

    5.03 Languages and the Service (17 min.)

    5.04 Useful Resources (13 min.)