John Thompson

President (Saga Wisdom)
Alberta, Canada

John Thompson is the President and Co-Founder of SAGA Wisdom; a company focused on improving continuing education for the energy sector. He is most widely known as a reservoir engineer and subject-matter expert in Rate Transient Analysis with a specialization in unconventional reservoirs. Since 2009, he has analyzed thousands of hydraulically fractured wells, spanning all major shale plays in the U.S., Canada, and Argentina. His work has provided insight into production forecasting, reserves estimation, well spacing and completions optimization, stimulation effectiveness evaluation, refrac candidate identification, and risk assessment. He has authored or co-authored nineteen papers on well performance and regularly serves the SPE as a program committee member for their conferences on unconventional resources. From 2017 to 2019 he was Chair of the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Production Optimization Special Interest Group in Calgary and in 2019 he received the SPE Calgary Section Service Award and the Canadian Regional Service Award for his contributions to the society.