Fundamentals of Methane Emissions Management Part 1 Course

Thomas Fox

This course is designed for energy professionals seeking a comprehensive overview of methane emissions management. Participants may range from beginner to experts in need of a refresher, and is considered a recommended pre-requisite for many of Highwood’s other courses. Read more...

This course will cover:
• Basics and properties of methane
• Environmental impact of methane
• Sources of methane emissions (natural and anthropogenic)
• Regulatory and non-regulatory drivers of methane reduction
• Methane detection and quantification
• Methane abatement strategies and technologies
• Case studies and industry examples
• Anticipated future trends in methane emissions management

Participants will develop a high-level understanding of methane topics in O&G, including:
• The basics and properties of methane, including sources and environmental impact.
• The present status of methane research and discrepancies between research and government.
• Estimation techniques for bottom-up inventories, measurement, and reconciled inventories.
• Methane management drivers, regulations, abatement strategies, and best practices.
• Recent advancements in methane technology, data systems, and computer models.
• Future trends in regulations, markets, innovation, and influential organizations.

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Course contents

    2. - Methane In Oil & Gas

    2.01 - Sources of O&G Methane (34 min.) Quiz

    2.02 - Independent Research on Methane Emissions (32 min.) Quiz

    2.03 - The Holistic Emissions Management Process (21 min.) Quiz

    3. - Estimating Methane Emissions

    3.01 - Bottom-Up Inventories (34 min.) Quiz

    3.02 - Methane Measurement (Part 1) (22 min.)

    3.02 - Methane Measurement (Part 2) (23 min.) Quiz

    3.03 - Methane Reconciliation (12 min.) Quiz

    3.04 - Conclusion (5 min.)