Practical Pandas For Petro-professionals Course

Derrick Turk and Katherine Turk

The programming language Python and the Pandas library built on top of it are taking the tech world by storm. You can’t throw a stone these days on "oil and gas data science LinkedIn" without hitting a post about Pandas (although it’s usually labeled "intro to Python"). But what is Pandas, and how can you use it at your job? This is a short course tailored for geologists, scientists, techs, engineers, and other professionals interested in learning and using the Pandas library. This course is taught in a mix of lecture and live coding examples. It is accessible to beginners with little to no programming experience, but we do cover nuances of the library that are useful to experienced programmers looking to deepen their understanding of Pandas. You will walk away knowing the basics of the Pandas library, common pitfalls encountered in its use, and how to build and maintain Python programs using numpy, matplotlib, and the famous Pandas library.Read more...

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Course contents

    Chapter 1 - But What IS Pandas?

    1.01 Welcome to Pandas (7 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 But What Is Pandas? (6 min.) Quiz

    1.03 Installing Pyton, Pandas, Numpy (12 min.) Quiz

    1.04a Pandas Basics (12 min.)

    1.04b Pandas Basics - Loading & Exploring Data (Live Coding) (25 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 2 - Exploiting Pandas

    2.01a Indexing in Depth (Part 1 - Integer-Based Indexing) (15 min.)

    2.01b Indexing in Depth (Part 2 - Label-Based Indexing) (13 min.)

    2.01c Indexing in Depth (Part 3 - Chaotic Indexing) (11 min.) Quiz

    2.02a Dtypes & Manipulating Missing Data (17 min.)

    2.02b Dtypes & Manipulating Missing Data - Oil & Gas Data Cleanup (Live Coding) (19 min.) Quiz

    2.03 Combining Dataframes (19 min.) Quiz

    2.04a Dealing with Grouples, Pivot Tables & Beyond (18 min.)

    2.04b Dealing with Grouples, Pivot Tables & Beyond - Groupby & Pivots (Live Coding) (45 min.) Quiz

    2.05a Python Is Not Just Pandas (Part 1) (5 min.)

    2.05b Python Is Not Just Pandas (Part 2 - Live Coding) (34 min.)

    2.05c Python Is Not Just Pandas (Part 3) (7 min.)

    2.06 So Long And Thanks For All The Pandas (14 min.)