Jesse Williams-Kovacs

Senior Reservoir Engineer (Subsurface Dynamics)
AB, Canada

As a Professional Engineer I am highly committed to delivering excellent results; using innovative problem-solving skills, cutting-edge techniques, and a relentless work ethic, I know how to get the job done. I have a MSc (ultra-low permeability prospect analysis) and a PhD (quantitative flowback analysis - FBA) in Petroleum Engineering, combined with 10 years experience as a Reservoir Engineer in Exploration & Production, Consulting Services and Academia.

Throughout my career I have been focused on utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to consistently deliver creative solutions to complex problems and drive bottom-line performance. By adapting quickly to changing environments, I can think outside of the box, while learning and applying new skills quickly in all areas of problem solving.

Specific career highlights include:
- Utilized methods developed for FBA to save TAQA $12 million on one Cardium project.
- Technically led initiation and field development planning of TAQA’s Montney tight oil prospect, allowing the company to reach cashflow neutrality for the first time.
- Conducted near real-time flowback analysis (FBA) of one operator’s Montney tight oil drilling program, allowing optimization of stimulation methods in the same drilling season and creating cost savings of 10% and a performance uplift of 20%.

Throughout my career in Exploration, Development, Business Development, Strategic Advisory, Acquisition and Divestitures, and Reserves Evaluations, I have developed excellent time management and prioritization skills, while thriving in fast-faced environments. I have also learned how to use my natural curiosity to develop unique solutions to complex problems, including developing some of the first methods for FBA. I am passionate for data modeling, with applications focused on various reservoir engineering and financial analysis problems.

In addition I have authored over 30 conference papers, multiple peer reviewed articles and participated as an invited speaker at over 20 industry conferences. I also recently co-authored an SPE Monograph chapter focusing on FBA and early-time reservoir characterization with Dr. Christopher Clarkson.

Beyond technical analysis, I have a passion for financial and commodity markets and am an active research-based investor, focusing on North American energy markets. I also like to recharge by enjoying outdoor activities including hiking in the mountains and cycling, and am enthusiastic about hockey and play whenever I have the chance.